Tejer estrategias emprendedoras

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Tejer estrategias emprendedoras

Una historia de emprendedores no puede tener menos que ese ánimo por arriesgar, por perseguir un sueño, por hacer elecciones.

Esa es la historia de Ana, una joven economista, que al borde de embarcarse en una beca Fulbright para profesionalizarse en la Universidad Chicago decidió abortar la misión porque “en Chicago no hay lugar para telares”.

Durante los años 2003, 2004 y 2005 Ana ahondó en el arte textil en un taller experimental que la acercó a ferias independientes en su ciudad y a exhibiciones en diversas capitales, para luego ser seleccionada para representar el diseño argentino en Milán, Italia, en septiembre de 2007.

A partir de allí investigó y desarrolló el concepto de Arte Portante, un proceso de creación que se plasma en piezas de indumentaria, como tapados, sacos, polleras, capas, ramos para novia, accesorios de alta costura, infinidades.

En 2010 expuso en el Museo Metropolitano de Buenos Aires y en 2011 en el Museo Emilio Caraffa de Córdoba. Decidida a promover sus obras, se instaló en José Ignacio, en la costa Uruguaya, donde montó su local- atelier con la idea de proyectarse al mundo.

Expuso en la Primer Bienal Textil llevada a cabo en Punta del Este y participó de la 8° y 9° edición de la revista Destino Arte Uruguay.


Weaving entrepreneur´s strategies

Sharing an entrepreneur story involves telling about the will to take risks, to pursuit dreams, to decide among options.
That is Ana´s story, a young economist, that just before getting into a Fulbright scholarship to master at the University of Chicago have decided to cut short that mission because “there are no room for looms at Chicago´s dorms”.
From 2003 until 2005 she investigated the textile art attending an experimental course, which led her to participate at selected fairs within Córdoba and around several cities until she was selected to represent Argentina in Milano Vende Moda, in September 2007.

Then, she researched and developed the Art-to-Wear concept, a creative process for the weaving of unique fabrics to become tailleurs, coats, skirts, capes, wedding bouquets, and high couture accessories.

The challenge of this creative process is to combine the exceptional and extravagant while respecting the classic and timeless; and a none flashiness luxury.

Ana says about her work: “it is not easy to get dress with a painting and walk down the city, with the authenticity of being wearing a singular and suitable piece, with the certainty that it is made reusing materials useless for others. Unique to whom it is wearing it but diverse in its capacity to be recreated in an artist ´s story, a place, or in a journey. Where the universe have connected both”.

In 2010 she exhibited at Museo Metropolitano de Buenos Aires, in 2011, at Museo Emilio Caraffa in Córdoba; and decided to pursuit the best scenarios for her artwork, she settled down at José Ignacio, the most exclusive place within the Uruguayan Coast, where she projects herself to the world in her atelier-boutique.

She exhibited at the First Textile Biennial that took place in Punta del Este and participated in the Eighth and Ninth edition for Destino Arte Uruguay books. Her work have spark interest within art gallery directors, costume designers, boutiques and persons that are drawn by her works aesthetic equilibrium, her daily nature and why not to mention, her clear-cut strategy that targets an exclusive cosmopolitan audience.

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